Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mike the Lisp "The Marine"

Mike the lisp. Mike has a lisp. a slur. spits when he talks. It is what he just does. Instead of getting made fun of for it he embraced it. He is a good friend.
Jesse is a marine. A jar head. A lean mean killing machine. He is the typical marine.
Mike the lisp is not a typical kid. He isn't the type of kid i see going into the military. He is not really a follow orders blindly kind of guy and doesn't fit the mold for service. So Mike signs up for the Navy. Not because he wanted to but more to be like his successful big brother. So he never really wanted to do it. After a week and half of his departure for the Navy mike the lisp was back home. Discharged. Quit. Peaced out. This made Jesse so mad. SO mad.
The set up. While watching the highlights of Navy beating Notre Dame we asked Jesse why the Marines don't have an academy. He informed us that the Marines were part of the Navy.
after conference with Chris i made him ask Jesse if Mike the Lisp was a Marine.
His blood boiled. He was on the phone with his sister and almost threw his phone across the bar. As Chris and I laughed Jesse reaches out his curled in rage hand and says " Let me tell you something". I was laughing to hard to hear the rest of it but i bet it was engulfed in fiery anger.

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