Sunday, June 5, 2011

salt and pepper , anyone

Jesse is mad and I had to let you know in case you wanted to post it on your website and make him even more mad. He and his chef at the Island House are having a slight difference of opinion on the seasoning of food items. The chef - trained at Cordon Bleu - feels his food is so amazing that it should not require any addition of salt or pepper by the restaurant patrons. Jesse feels that there can never be too much pepper or salt (hence his blood pressure of 145/105). A customer asked for salt and pepper a little while ago and Jesse couldn't find the salt and pepper shakers. He has been running all over the restaurant - the kitchen, the basement, etc. - and can't find a single shaker. For any of the tables. The chef threw away ALL of them. Jesse is turning really red, both because he has a sunburn and because he is mad. He says he is "about the lose his shit." He says he will never find more shakers that match the plates. Needless to say, losing the shakers has made Jesse REALLY mad.- mystery lady post