Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Car revving its engine

Sitting in our third floor Hollywood apartment with the windows open and Jesse is leaving for work. A car out side is revving its engine over and over again. He groans. I see an opportunity to make him made so i yell "What is THAT?!" He screams "I dont know but it is making me really mad. AND I DONT KNOW WHY." A smile reaches across my face as I know he is mad.

Arco Gas station

First post in awhile. Jesse needs to put gas in Katie's car so he can get to the airport. Riding in the back of this tiny little car is Merfy and BJ, so katie can find her way back inspite of her new 230 dollar navigation device that she got yesterday. So he gets out at the Arco gas station that is 16 cents cheaper a gallon to pump it for her using her card. Even though he has been a marine and a college student this technology is way beyond his grasp.
He gets out and is already mad because this new atm and debit card gas station machine system is too complex for him. He starts to get mad. There are beeping sounds. Blinking lights. He is getting red faced. I start to yell from the back to just turn the lever (repeatedly). THERE IS NO LEVER, I MADE THIS UP. His head is swiveling around and he is swearing and then smashes the gas pump nozzle down on her car. Katie has to get out and do it for him. He gets in the car and swears and mocks the machine. Then complains he gotten gas on his hands from a machine he never got to work. He then eats Katie's left over pizza in her car to cool down. I laugh to myself.