Sunday, March 16, 2008

garbage in the mail.

He hates when he mails something to someone and someone throws garbage in it. So the person who receives the mail says "Jesse, you jerk, I don't want this garbage." Whoa is he angry when that happens. Pretty much everyone is angry.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Another thing that makes Jesse mad is locksmiths. This week he locked himself out of the office twice and it cost him 200 bucks each time for a locksmith to come let him in. This makes him mad but he gets madder if i keep asking him why he didn't keep the keys in his pocket. It also makes him mad if I keep coming up with suggestions so he won't lock himself out. for example: leaving the door open, string around his neck with key on it, learn to locksmith, log jammed in the door, make more keys, "don't lock the door" tattoos and much more. If you know any other ways he wont lock himself out please feel free to text it to him.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Want to see pure anger? Do you like watching veins pop out of Jesse's head and neck? Driving in Hollywood is a nightmare, we all know, but with the lack of left hand turn lights and the plethora of people on cell phones, driving is a mess. Jesse with out patience driving an extra extra large SUV is a perfect mix for this. Some times you have to just sit back and enjoy his extreme big gulp sized disapprobation. Jesse freaks out and his blood pressure pushes critical mass at least 2 times every half mile.
Another note: telling him you have to pee real bad and asking him to pull over alot is nice touch.
So if you get a chance to ride with him when you are in town please enjoy it like i do but please do not laugh when he backs into anything or runs out of gas. (see august 16th ran out of gas and had to walk 2 blocks, still mad about it)