Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leaf Monster

Jesse has been talking about being a "leaf monster". A leaf monster is when you put duct tape inside out and roll around in leaves. This will now make you resemble a pile of leaves. So you can scare kids by laying on the ground in wait. He was super geeked. Then he moved to California where there are no leaves to be found. He was bummed. His dream is crushed.
This is how I made him mad. a.k.a The set up
He went to the bathroom at Big Wang's, a bar in Hollywood, and i told Chris and Eric how i was going to bring it up and watch him get real angry. He came back without washing his hands and I let him have it.
The set up was fantastic. I was eating my pizza fries when i subtlety asked him what he was going to be for Halloween.
His face gets red. His hands curl up as he tried to describe what a leaf monster is to Erik and Chris. Both of them are laughing their collective asses off because i proved to them i could in a sentence bring Jesse to a rage.

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