Sunday, January 24, 2010

International Airplane dress codes.

USATODAY-It was reported by the Thailand Air Safety that an American tourist on the flight from Chicago became verbally disruptive and refused to put his shirt back on.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An American passenger on board the Northwest Airlines flight 1303, much like the one that was attacked on Christmas Day, was taken into custody in Thailand on Sunday after locking himself in the bathroom for two hours and becoming verbally disruptive upon landing, officials said.

The latest disturbance aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 1303 came when an American and former marine took off his shirt and was wandering around the plane speaking jibberish and slamming the doors of the plane's multiple bathrooms. The 250 pound former marine and Peace Core** volunteer was finally wrestled to the ground by a 95 pound Thai stewardess and tied with extension cords to his seat. When asked why he was going to Thailand by other passengers ,the friend of the shirtless man said it was to learn to Thai kick box. Let's hope he doesn't have to fight any more stewardesses.

**peace core spelled wrong on purpose. please see other post about this.

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